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Special thanks / Hall of fame

For more than 17 years now, ( is the first contact point for all those who are, or have become addicts of the hobby of keeping marine aquaria, looking for recommendations how to take care of their animals and other interesting information.

When this project was launched in the year 2000, it was not at all in sight that it would be such a great success, and how many people would take part and make their numerous contributions. For of course, this ambitious project is not an attribute to an individual person, but to the many people associated with the hobby of fish keeping or diving, all these people deserve our special thanks for their wonderful commitment. No matter whether this is for pictures, videos, or the exchange of experiences! Ultimately, it is mainly the account of the different deposited experiences that make up the sea-water-Lexicon. They contribute to a better knowledge about the animals and also help to avoid incorrect purchases.

In particular our special thanks go to all the numerous volunteers, who spend their free time to investigate about newly received information and who correct and monitor the contents of the various comments. Over time, so many people have been involved, that it is impossible to mention them all by name. Therefore, this listing only reflects a fraction of the various helping hands, and if we should have forgotten someone, then please forgive us.

In particular we would like to mention the following helpers for their active support, whether administratively or with images and ideas:

on a voluntary basis administrators:

Andreas Völckers, Hamburg

Siglinde Müller, Schkopau

Corinna Müller, Würzburg

Klaus Schatz, Nürnberg 

Michael Limberger, Tettnang

Oliver Mengedoth, Recklinghausen

Torsten Schmidt, Bruchsal.

Alexander Thomasser, Villach AT  



Acro Al, Australien
Adriano Morettin, Italien
Alain Gilli, Frankreich
Alexander Semenov, Russland
Alexanders Thomasser, Österreich
Alfonso Siciliano, Italien
Alfredo Carvalho Filho, Brasilien
Anders Poulsen, Dänemark
Anders Salesjö, Schweden
Andreas Völckers, Hamburg
Andrey Ryanskiy , Russland
Andrzej Onichimiuk , Polen
Anne Dupont, USA
Anne Frijsinger & Mat Vestjens, Holland
Arie De Jong Marinelife B.V., Holland
Athila Bertoncini, Brasilien

Barry & Aimee Brown, USA
Bo Davidson, Schweden
Bobby Arnold, USA
Borut Furlan, Slowenien
Brent Tibbatts, Guam
Brian Slot, Dänemark
Byron Fowles,Australien

Carl Farberger, Schweden
Carlos Luiz Hernández-González, Spanien
Charlotte Richardson,
Christian, Coudre, Frankreich
Christine Poellabauer, Neukaledonien
Claude Schumacher, Böblingen
Clay Bryce, Australien

Dan Gotshall, USA
Daniel Carollo, Frankeich
Daniel Knop, Deutschland
Daniela Wolf, Schweiz
Dave C. Cook, Australien
David Brayn, USA
David Burdick, Guam
David Luquet, Frankreich
Dennis  &  Sally Polack
Dennis M. Corpuz, Philippinen
Dennis R. King, Südafrika
Don Mcleish, Hawaii
Don Potts, Australien
Dray van Beeck, Ägypten

Dr. Alicia Hermosillo, Mexiko
Dr. Áthila Bertoncini, Brasilien
Dr. Bert W. Hoeksema, Holland
Dr. Christopher Zimmermann, Hamburg
Dr. Cleveland P. Hickman Jr., USA
Dr. Daniel Wagner, Hawaii
Dr. David Greenfield, Hawaii
Dr. Ditch Townsend, Großbritannien
Dr. Douglas Fenner
Dr. Elizabeth Wood, Großbritannien
Dr. Flavia Nunes, San Diego
Dr. Francesca Benzoni, Italien
Dr. Gerald (Gerry) R. Allen, Australien
Dr. Helio Laubenheimer, USA
Dr. Hiroyuki Tanaka, Japan
Dr. Jacob Dafni, Israel
Dr. James E. Maragos, Hawaii
Dr. Jeffrey T. Williams, USA
Dr. Jeremy Mark Kemp , Großbritannien
Dr. Jürgen Herler, Österreich
Dr. Keiichi Matsuura, Japan
Dr. Kirk R. Gastrich, USA
Dr. Len Zell, Australien
Dr. Lyndon DeVantier
Dr. M.J.A. Vermeij, Curaçao/Holland
Dr. Mark A. Steele, USA
Dr. Mark Erdmann
Dr. Masanori Nonaka, Japan
Dr. Michael Taxacher, Deutschland
Dr. Nadya Sanamyan + Dr. Karen Sanamyan
Dr. Paddy Ryan, USA
Dr. Pat Colin, Palau
Dr. Paul Muir, Australien
Dr. Petar Kružić, Kroatien
Dr. Richard Pyle
Dr. Richard Winterbottom, UK
Dr. Ross Robertson, Australien
Dr. Sebastian Schmidt-Roach, Deutschland
Dr. Sergey V. Bogorodsky, Russland
Dr. Stefan Nehring, Bonn
Dr. Steve Coles, Hawaii  
Dr. Victor G. Springer, USA
Dr. William White, Tasmanien
Dr. Yu Miyazaki, Ryukyu, Japan
Dr. Yuri Hooker, Peru
Dr. Yuri Latypov, Russland
Dr. David Obura, Kenia
Dr. Juan Antonio Baezaa, USA

Ed Lovell, Fidschi
Erling Svensen, Norwegen
Everett Turner, USA

Frank Krasovec, USA
Frank Gloystein, Deutschland
Frank Teigler vom Hippocampus Bildarchiv

Gary Cobb
Gary McDonald, USA
George "Keoki" Stender, Hawaii
Gerrit Meinen, Großefehn
Géry Parent, Frankreich
Gianemilio Rusconi, Italien
Gianni Neto, Italien

Hans Alte Zeifert, Norwegen
Heinz Mahler, Bad Homburg
Helen Sykes, Fidschi
Henning Wiese,Schweiz

Ian Banks, Australien
Ian Shaw, Australien
Ian Skipworth, Australien

Jim Garin, USA
Jean-Claude Baur, Marokko
Jeff Dubosc, Frankreich
JEN (Charly) Veron, Australien
Jim Greenfield, England
Joachim Großkopf, Deutschland
John E. Randall, Honolulu
John Fraser, Saipan, Nördliche Mariannen
John P. Hoover, Hawaii
Johnny Jensen, Dänemark
Judy Townsend, USA
Julian Sprung, USA

Katia Cao, USA
Kendall Clements, Neuseeland
Klaus Schatz, Nürnberg
Krister, Finnland

Lemon Tea Yi Kai, Japan
Leslie Harris, USA
Lubomir Pialek, Tschechoslowakei
Luca Sabao, Italien

Marie Ramm, Frankreich
Mark Rosenstein, USA
Martin Hablützel, Schweiz
Martin Heinzelmann, Russland
Martin Steinmeier, Deutschland
Mary Jane Adams
Massimiliano Petricca, Italien
Massimo Boyer, Italien
Michael Hartl, Deutschland
Michael Henke, Unna
Michael Kürschne, Berlin
Michael Mrutzek, Bremen
Neville Colmann Legacy, Australien
Nick Chapman, Thailand

Olaf Neusser, Philippinen
Ole Johann Brett, Norwegen
Oliver Mengedoth, Recklinghausen
Olivier Notz, Schweiz

Partick Randall,  Australien
Paul Asmann, USA
Paul Ferber, Kambodga
Philippe & Guido T. Poppe, Philippinen
Piero Malaer, Schweiz

Prof. Dr. Claudio LS Sampaio
Prof. Dr. Bernardo Antonio Perez da Gama, Brasilien
Prof. Dr. Dirk Schories, Deutschland
Prof. Dr. James Davis Reimer, Ryukyu
Prof. Dr. Joshau Feingold, USA
Prof. Dr. Peter Wirtz, Madeira
Prof. Dr. Robert A. Patzner, Österreich
Prof. Dr. Wolfram Braune
Prof. Peter Harrison
Prof. Dr. Gustav Paulay, USA
Prof. Michael Schleyer, Südafrika
Prof. Peter W. Glynn, Miami USA

Rainer Kretzberg, Deutschland
Ralph Foster,, Australien
Raphael M. Macieira
Raphael M. Macieira, Brasilien
Reto Kunz, Schweiz
Richard Bajol.Neukaledoien
Richard & Mary Field, Malta
Robert Yin, USA
Roberto Pillon, Italien
Roger Steene, Australien
Rudie Hermann Kuiter, Australien
Rudy Withworth, Seahorse Productions,LLC
Rudolf Svensen, Norwegen
Rui Patricio Freitas, Kap Verde

Sabine Penisson, Frankreich
Sara A. Lourie, Australien
Satoshi Yamamoto, Izuzuki Diver,  Japan
Scott & Jeanette Johnson, Marshall-Inseln
Sonja Ooms, Beirut, Libanon
Stefan Odgen, Oslo
Stefan Tobaben, Dollern
Stephen Journeé (the Dive Guys), USA

Teresa Zuberbuhler, Schweiz
Teresa Zubi, Schweiz
Todd Gardner, USA
Torsten Schmidt, Deutschland
Tristan Lougher, UK

Ukkrit Satapoomin, Thailand

Vjekoslav Ticina, Kroatien

Wolfgang Krutz, Bali

Yoji Okata, Japan

Thanks also go to Manuela Kruppas for her idea for this on-line reference for marine animals. Our sponsors and advertisers should also not be forgotten. Through their support, they also help to keep this ambitious project going.
Finally, we want thank someone else very special: someone who provides us untiringly with new photos, videos and animal-keeping-experiences of a wide variety of animals. Someone who always has new ideas and motivates us all the time. Someone without the sea water lexicon would have never come to its significance.
Our thanks go especially to YOU, the dear users of
Signed: Robert Baur Kruppas